A lapel pin is a type of cosmetic adornment worn on the lapel or the collar of a cloth and it is mostly used as a decorative tool. The pin can be of many designs ranging from home made to designer. It can also be custom made to fit the customer’s desire. However, there are so many types of lapel pins thus before going for a specific one, it is advisable to compare and contrast so as to get the one that is suitable.

The cloisonné is a type of jewelry like pin made by the Chinese artists. They started making it in the ancient times and it is still one of the most desired designs. It has a die like design and it is either plated with gold or silver to make it more attractive. It is the most valuable lapel pin of all time. It is highly expensive and it can be found in the best pin stores.

Soft enamel pin is another type of a lapel pin, which is less expensive and can be made without much detail. It can be custom made in a way that suits the client and it does not take as much time to make as the cloisonné pin.

Another type of a lapel pin is the die struck pin. This is made from solid brass or copper and it has an elegant and sophisticated look for people who are more sophisticated. This pin is also not very expensive.

The photo-etched pin is one design that is very interesting. It is made using an artwork, a photo or a picture of the desired client. An image of the client is etched onto the design using acid.

Screen printed pins is also another design of the lapel pin. Silkscreen is the best alternative when it comes to filling a perfect design. It is the one that is used in place of the soft enamel pin when the pin design is not compatible with the fill process.

The lapel pins can come in designs made from different materials from gold, copper, bronze, glass, brass, silk and so many other different materials. It is a matter of choice to know how you want your pin to look like. This is made possible with the custom-making plan. This makes one have a great variety to choose from and it is easy to choose what is most suited for your lapel.

Anybody can put on a lapel pin but they are mostly preferred by nurses, policemen, and the army. This is due to the fact that it makes their uniform look more presentable and exciting to wear. The lapel can come as printed to have your photo and this makes it even more exciting and fun to wear.

Before getting a pin for your collar, it is good and advisable to go for a trusted designer and the one that has a good and reputable name from previous clients, so that you can get something that is worth what you are spending.