Custom lapel pins are indispensable to a company’s or individual recognition needs. They can be used to give unique identity to an entity as well as act as pieces of official decoration. Besides, they come in highly elaborate artwork that can be borrowed from ancient and modern sources. There are models that are created like sphinxes, as well as in the guise of inanimate shapes like the round shape of coins, ovals and triangles, among other indescribable designs. Though there are multiple designs that are availed to clients, the two most popular of these include the soft and hard enamel kinds.

The soft enamel type is one of the most brilliant and known types of this stamped device. It has certain peculiarities in its structural appearance that makes it easy to identify. It is usually characterized by artwork embedded on the surface in sheer relief that gives it a contrasting appearance. For example, the shaded parts, which usually occur in the sunken part of the medal, are made prominent in their hidden spaces by being in soft contrast with the original hue of the uncoated metallic part above them.

This soft version of custom lapel pins is also characterized by shapes that are meant to give the medal a distinctive appearance that may even reflect the personality of the owner. For example, there are heart designs as well as the classic round models engraved with compressed content presented in resplendent artwork. The most common color schemes of this version include the golden, silvery and copper shades that all make the item look quite metallic and valuable. There is also the universal black coated kind that has universal appeal to many people.

The other popular type of custom lapel pins is the hard enamel design. It is easy to recognize because of the sharp contrast between the shaded parts that are bordered by realistic outlines of the original metal that makes them. This kind also comes in a wide range of colors that can be embedded temporarily or permanently into the surface. The surface of the medal is highly smooth because of the fine coating that is applied universally to all creations of this kind. It also comes in a set of forms that correspond to those of the soft version. These can be decorated with meaningful phrases that appear as wordy engravings on the surface. There are also those that are made with a gap at the center with sculptured items inside.

One thing to note of the two popular designs of custom lapel pins is that they can be engraved with artwork on a temporal basis. This renders them easy to overhaul in future for those who want to change the appearance of the original. The cost of these beautiful items is also considerably affordable for all types of customers, despite their high face value. These can either be crafted on the spot for the client who usually can send sample artwork and other specifications, or chosen from the wide selection in the store.